Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 6 July 2022: Nikon is pleased to announce its official patronage of The 150th Open (July 10 to 17, 2022 in St Andrews, U.K.).

The Open is the world's most prestigious tournament, as well as one of men’s golf major  championships. The Open has played host to some of the world's best players who set out to become the Champion Golfer of the Year. Nikon is proud to have been supporting The Open since 1981.

Nikon branding will be present around the course during the Championship and the Official Photographers will take images with Nikon cameras. In addition, for the professional photographers covering this event, Nikon Professional Services (NPS) will set up a service depot to offer support and services, including equipment inspections, cleaning, minor repairs, and the loan of equipment.

For the next five years, Nikon has renewed its official patronage of The Open, and has newly become a patron of the AIG Women’s Open. The broadening of Nikon’s sponsorship is a reflection of their commitment and desire to promote an inclusive and diverse environment for everyone in society. With Nikon's respect for athletes, who continuously challenge their own limits, and its wish to enhance its presence worldwide, Nikon will continue to support international sporting events.

About Nikon

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